Introduction to the Energetic Body

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Introduction to the Energetic Body

Ever wanted to learn more about your energy systems? 


We will cover what are energy centers/chakras, how do you maintain them, to keep you feeling balanced and grounded. Also when your energy centers are flowing you feel so much better and get your flow back, how cool would that be? We will also cover what your Aura is and how it links to the emotional body and how having your magnetic field up protects this from magnetic pulls of the moon and other people’s emotional states. Ever feel like people drain your energy? You need to know this!!



What are the soul, higher self, and guiding spirits? 


There is very little information out there regarding how we are made up spiritually. We have discovered using our intuitive guidance, how our energetic body is made up and how to heal plus maintain the health of your spirit and energy. This is essential for maintaining your overall physical and mental well-being. Plus when your spirit is healthy and your energy is flowing your intuition can improve as well!

How does this all affect me physically and mentally? 


We will go over how your spirit’s health can pull down your physical and mental health. We will let you know what we do to look at a more holistic view, physically, mentally, and spiritually to get to the root cause of your challenges. To give you some idea, every time we see some with a physical health condition, their soul is not doing very well, and by healing the soul along with physical changes we give the physical body the best chance to recover. 


How do we repair my energy and look after it?


This is where we explain exactly how we go about healing your energy systems, your spirit, working out your emotional blocks, and aiding your physical healing. We will then cover what you need to do to maintain this long-term. This goes deep, we hope you’re ready!!


These questions and more will be answered on the Zoom call. Bring your questions along too!


At the end we will do an energetic balance and clearing. 

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