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Are you looking for help to move through some challenges in your life, better your mindset, learn how to process emotions, or improve your health?

This is where mentoring comes in for helping you with change. 

Our process is to get your energy in a good way first.  Because this removes a lot of resistance to change and speeds up the process. Every session there can be a combination of energy balancing, emotional releasing and mentoring you around change.  The big benefit is we use energy testing to help focus on the areas that will make the biggest change first, rather than just guessing.  Let’s be real!  You sometimes do not know what is causing your challenges or resistance to change. 

Adam has a lot of mentoring experience, prior to him going into the intuitive field.  Adam was a therapist trained as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and NS (Neuro-Semantics) Master practitioner.  He’s been in the field of self-development for himself for several years.    In recent years he also qualified as a personal trainer to understand the body more, to further his knowledge of the mind-body connection.

We can help mentor you in most areas.   The following are some areas we help people with regularly:

  • Improving physical health
  • Improving mindset
  • Improving the relationship with yourself
  • Improving your relationship and intimacy 
  • Sexual blocks
  • Guidance around better food choices
  • Establishing exercise habits
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Child behavioral problems and how to help as a parent 
  • Processing stress and anxiety
  • Improving your environment, detoxing your life
  • Improving your communication with others
  • Business support and guidance

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