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  Here at Taleasium, we use intuitive guidance also known as mediumship, mindset skills, energy healing and emotional release techniques to assist you to heal yourself and to tune into what you need to move forward in your situation.  Whether you are a wanting to develop your own intuitive skills, clear any blocks, suppressed emotions or heal yourself from any mental or physical health concerns, need business or relationship support, you have come to the right place.  We have seen amazing results with our clients.  They get their flow back, mental clarity, improved health and skills that help them going forwards.
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For appointments that are needed urgently, outside booking availability, payment plans or sliding scale

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Single Session

$119-$199 Sliding scale*

Allow 60-90 Minutes

Personal and Business Mentoring / Healing / Relationships

Have you got some challenges you are wanting to work through, are you needing assistance to heal? Maybe new to this sort of work? This is a great place to start. Lets have a chat at what is going on and then work out an individual plan from there. 

  • Depending on your needs, we can utilizing a combination of Reiki, intuitive mentoring, talk therapy to slowly shift energy in your body and help settle your nervous system down.

  • This is a safe space where you can just be and be supported.
  • This service is in-person in Christchurch or online via Zoom.

12 Week Programme

$899 Sliding scale*

12 Weeks

Personal and Business Mentoring / Healing / Relationships

This 12 week programme is for clients that want on going support in their evolvement/healing journey. It is ideal for clients that want to commit to improving their intuition and also their energetic, emotional and physical health.

  • This programme consists of a 6 x 60-90 minute intuitive mentoring sessions every second week over 12 week period in Christchurch face to face or online via Zoom.

  • Optional free access to the fortnightly intuitive group and support with questions during the programme.

Food Test

$119-$149 Sliding Scale*

Allow 60 Minutes

Have you ever wondered which foods align with your energy and which don’t? Our food testing service will help clear this up for you. 

    • This service can be provided in person or remotely and can tell you definitively which foods are best for you and which are not. !
    • This sometimes highlights some emotional blockages around food, which we can clear for you.
    • This is done online via Zoom, or in-person in Christchurch.

Intuitive Group

$20-$30 Sliding Scale*

Per class

Are you on a self healing journey, wanting to develop your intuition or perhaps you want to learn how to heal others, then this is the class for you!

  •  Every class we will go through different practices that will teach you how to develop your intuition, read others energy, pull in healing energies and learn about healthy emotional practices.
  • Runs every second Monday at 7.00pm till 8.30pm NZ time.
  • New people are welcome! If you can please bring a pendulum and oracle cards to the class, if you have them, we have pendulums for sale and cards you can use if needed.
  • Booking here will give you the optional Zoom link or you can turn up in person (limited numbers, so let us know you are planning to come in person), address 24 Midhurst Street, Bishopdale.
  • Get your first class free!

 Payment plans and sliding scale fees are available on request.

*Our services accommodate individuals with different income levels through a sliding scale. For instance, we offer sessions for as little as $119 for lower-income individuals, and $199 for higher-income individuals. Booking a session online is available, and we can further discuss payment options during the session, with an invoice to follow afterwards.

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