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I was very skeptical about jumping into the 6 week program because I need to know how things work and see and hear to understand it but then I saw firsthand how much it helped my friend and her Mother so I chose to think of it as an investment in my mental health and I went ahead. I was absolutely blown away by the results and the things Adam can do. By the end of the 6 weeks I had my emotions under control, I now know how to help myself when I get stressed or anxious and I’ve learnt so much about my mind and body and how to work with it not against it. Everything seems so much easier now and people have noticed the change in me. It’s a very empowering feeling and I’m so greatful I had the opportunity to work with Adam to make myself a better person and understand myself. Adam is such a nice, understanding, easy going guy and really easy to get along with. As a skeptic, I fully recommend taking this leap of faith. What do you have to lose!?



If you are considering doing some work on yourself, trust that the universe has guided you right here (to Adam) for a reason and consider yourself very lucky 😊
I started working with Adam around 6 months ago by a perfect chance encounter of me wining a competition on Instagram.
Adam has assisted me on my healing journey in many more ways than one!
He has helped the healer in me change perspective on “challenges” in my life across; stress relief, hormonal imbalances, relationship guidance (family, friends and romantic), belief systems, career pathways and self-love and acceptance.
I also highly recommended the food vibration testing – that was a game changer for me. A lot of the test results aligned with various Kinesiologists and healers I have seen in the past however, Adam guided me more towards portion control for MY body…not just what to avoid. Because of this I have been able to remain “strict” in some areas yet “looser” on other food groups. This has helped me to detach from what a “perfect diet” should look like and more towards what feels right, energetically, in my body.

Adam openly shares and embodies his truth which brings a unique offering of learning, leadership, empathy and friendship.
I am grateful for his generous spirit and expansive heart portal – sharing ample wisdom and resources that I now have for life.



“After suffering for 12 months with a severe gut issue, I got wind of Adams work through a friend who was having some amazing results. Listening to her explain what he does, I found that he resonated with me instantly and knew that he would be a key player in my healing jourmey. After finally getting an answer on what was going on with my body in a physical sense, I went down the path of natural treatment with no prevail. My pratitioner at the time agreed that what was really going on was emotional and suggested I explore that path before taking any further action. I booked in to work with Adam and by my first session the true work began. By the second session my year long agony had gone. My ‘diagosis’ cleared. After the 6 weeks I felt amazing and like my true self again. I had cleared heavy trauma with Adam and his ‘team’ in such a gental, non-invasive way it was hard to believe. I have worked with some of the best energy workers in Australia and Adam is by far the most amazing I have been lucky enough to meet. So supportive and humble, Adam shares such a gift that empowers you to tap into your own intuition and healing process. Thank you so much Adam, your work is a gift.”



I highly recommend Adam at Taleasium. I was fortunate enough to be referred to him earlier in the year by a family member. I had no idea what to expect as it was all completely new to me, but I was amazed by the whole experience. The sessions were very insightful and Adam was able to quickly identify and shift issues in various areas of my life. I immediately saw improvements in my energy and emotional and physical wellbeing. Adam is very generous with sharing his knowledge and tools to use outside of the sessions. Working with Adam and learning how to develop my own intuition through his intuitive support groups has been life-changing. Thank you Adam!



Working with Adam has been great. My energy was quite all over the place when we started but now I’m feeling balanced, and using the tools I’ve learnt along the way, it’s easy for me to regain that balance if various life’s events knock me a little off (life happens and all that). At first the changes were subtle, like sleeping through the night without waking up shaking from stress and adrenaline. But later I started to see huge improvements in better handling my empathy, having better boundaries and setting them easier. I’d dare even say that working with Adam has expedited my personal development journey, especially when it comes to confidence and being comfortable with who I am and having the courage to share it with the world. So overall my health is better, stress levels lower and I’m happier.

I highly recommend working with him to anyone looking to improve their physical, mental and emotional health.



I met Adam a couple of months ago, when I started going to his intuitive development group. He is so genuine, and welcoming, and makes using intuition accessible to anyone. This led to having some healing with him. I had thought I was doing well, after having other healing over the last year. Adam intuitively picked up on some things, which I hadn’t even registered as a problem, and healed the damage these traumas had caused. Since then, I’ve had a whole new lease on life, have regained my vitality and feel so happy. I would recommend seeing Adam to anyone



“Before meeting with Adam, I was hesitant to believe an energy healing would help – although I was curious enough to give it a go.  In my final session (3rd session) I felt a lovely sense of relief.  I had been feeling stuck in a feeling of tension for some time and had asked Adam to help with this.  He hit the nail on the head with some emotional energy I was suppressing and there was an instant release.  I would definitely recommend getting in touch and opening your awareness to this lovely form of healing. Thanks Adam!”



“Working with Adam was a great experience and he really helped me understand what my body needs. He has an amazing ability of connecting and relating to people regardless of your background or intentions.

His food testing and energy testing gave me important information and i was very impressed by the results. I highly recommend Adam and the services he provides.”



I was lucky enough to be recommended Adam Curtis when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease last year. We’ve had a number of sessions and I’ve seen huge results in my health and wellbeing. He’s super easy going and straight to the point which I appreciate. We move through big things quickly and he’s generous with sharing his knowledge so I can continue the work outside of our sessions! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a genuine, powerful, spiritual alternative to healing. It is remarkable!



“I was introduced to Adam a few months ago through a friend and then went through his six-week program. I can honestly say that Adam has changed my life. I went to him wanting to get back into my flow, was feeling drained day-to-day and struggled with eczema.Not only did he identify causes of stress, imbalance and reasons for my eczema, he gave me so much more.Adam taught me techniques to manage my stress, balance my energy well being, and, most importantly, connect me to myself so that I can continue my journey long into the future. He shared inspirational messages, taught me an incredible amount about the world around us and gave me insights into my pathway and future ahead of me. I’m so excited! Whether you are looking to go on a healing journey with Adam or to simply increase your energy, become clearer on your pathway. I couldn’t recommend Adam enough. Not only has he been amazing, but I have also made a life long friend.

 Thank you, Adam.”



I was introduced to Adam in late July 2020 via 2 others who had had great responses with his work. Pretty quickly after the first session I had an increase in energy and this continued to increase from then on with further sessions. And then there were also consistent reductions in pain.  As Adam was able to describe percentage reductions in tumour mass, I was also seeing this occur in my body.  My belief is that Adam is very accurate with his assessments and effective in supporting healing of my energy fields. Additionally when he assessed and gave input on my emotional challenges and relationships, Adam was also very accurate. All up, working with Adam is a great part of my healing path. Thanks Adam



Adam and I met randomly in 2015 through our work when maybe life was not exactly a bunch of fluffy’s for us both…Through pure determination and dedication to studying himself, his situation and the people he loves Adam now has a gift to work with groups and individuals to not only bring the best out of You, but also get to to core root of what exactly is potentially holding You back from becoming your Best.Personally Adam has helped me to understand a life changing event at the age of 4 that I  thought I had completely dealt with bought to my attention by a recent event I thought had nothing to do with my past in a loving, caring, non judgemental, factual, professional, manner that leaves You not only empowered with understanding but also complete in the knowledge You have a person invested in your betterment with a genuine passion to help anyone who wants to help themselves…no matter what that direction maybe for each and every individual and in a way that leaves You in awe of its simplexity…

LovinUrWork Adam and Thank You!…



I just finished a 6 week course with Adam and he has helped me so much with my mental state and with things I thought could never be fixed. Each session I felt dramatic shifts in my self and truly releasing of what was holding me back. I highly recommend Adam to everyone I know, the work he is doing is incredible and rare to find. Thank you Adam!



“If you are keen to get an energetic reading on your health be encouraged to explore the mastery of Taleasium. I appreciated his professional manner & ability to get to the heart of my presenting issues quickly. These practices rely on the interconnectedness of the quantum field & tap into our energy capacity to heal.”



Taleasium has been the greatest help to my mental health. Anyone struggling with deep depression, anxiety, ptsd, Adam at Taleasium has helped me release most of my mental issues in 6 short weeks of working together. Highly recommended



Adam has been helping me with my stage 4 cancer journey since July. I felt a huge shift after only my first session and I now feel better than I have done in years. I have way more energy, my bloods are great and I even ran a half marathon 2 days ago!

I recommend Adam to everyone I talk to. He is very knowledgeable, genuinely cares for his clients and often goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is kept up to date with the new info coming through.

I feel very blessed to have Adam supporting me along this journey, he really is a very special, gifted human



After spending time with Adam, I walked out calmer & more confident than I have been for a long time.  The transformation I feel is nothing short of remarkable. I have had many experiences with different spiritual workers, Adam is one of the best I’ve come across.  I highly recommend him to clear any blocks you may be experiencing on a spiritual & emotional level.



Today I had a session with Adam. As I was talked through various clearings, the sensations & emotions in my body were intense but manageable. He knew when it would feel stronger and I was forewarned. After each clearing, I felt lighter & lighter. Now, inspiration, creativity & clear guidance is here, like I haven’t felt in a long time. But most of all my body feels warm, energised and I am breathing deeper. I am very grateful for the tools Adam shared also, to maintain clarity and be guided forth. Thanks Adam



Adam has really gone and done all the ‘ground work’ on his own journey, which shines through in the genuity of his service. I am grateful for all the knowledge and understanding he gave me – (in one session!) restoring my self trust, bringing me healing, raising my vibration and even providing techniques to keep it that way . Outstanding, thank you for sharing the light Adam



I’ve just finished a 6 week course with Adam and it has been life-changing to say the least! I feel like I have a new battery and am ready to rock life again. Thank you so much Adam for all the healing and knowledge



“I went into this without knowing what to expect, this is all new to me. Working with Adam has increased my energy and given me clarity. He has also sparked my own intuition which has been incredible. I highly recommend  Adam and the magic that is Taleasium.”



Adam has been helping me with my stage 4 If u r thinking about booking an appointment with Adam… just do it. He knows what he’s doing, is easy and down to earth to talk with, doesn’t give up easy when problem is deep, just do it.



Adam is incredible. He has helped me significantly in my journey to be the best version of me. He has helped my mind, achey body & soul to feel so much better than ever before. I also took my 7yr old to see him to see if he could help with some behaviour problems & bad dreams that were happening like clockwork every night. The bad dreams stopped immediately & I have a much happier wee guy who is a lot more self aware & a lot less defiant! WINNING!



My session with Adam was very interesting i love the work he does! I was surprised by how much I could resonate with everything and what this session gave me. Adam was able to answer any question that I had, would recommend this therapy.



Literally the most interesting (in a good way) and insightful person I’ve met in a really, really long time. He will genuinely help shift your energy and make you feel completely comfortable. I never write reviews for anyone, but Adam is amazing and definitely deserves to go far with his business. Wouldn’t think twice about recommending him to anyone!



Adam is amazing! He is so knowledgeable, personable, understanding and available. I have been helped by him in many ways and I have full trust in him. Never in my life have I felt so good as I did leaving my session. Adam is a miracle worker!



Adam has been a key to growing my business I’ve been working with him for a couple of years now and is much more than just a coach and will continue to work with him and I highly recommend him



I have only seen Adam once thus far but was shocked at how much progress and improvement was made in just the first session. I highly recommend Adam and the work he does! Will definitely be going back.



I have been to see Adam once so far, I will defiantly be back. I feel like I have my old spark back and I could only wish for everyone to feel this way.



I’m very much looking forward to my journey and learnings through seeing Adam. He is easy to talk to, very welcoming and has a lot of knowledge. Thanks Adam!



I started working with Adam a few months ago and his work has impacted my life positively in so many ways and has changed the course for me. He has managed to help me shift energetic blocks & patterns resisting success in my life. Adam has a calm, grounding & trusting presence that makes me feel safe enough to go deep in our sessions and explore the work that needs to be done. I have worked with other coaches in the past and Adam’s approach along with his knowledge & dedication has made all the difference. I can’t speak highly enough of him.



I would highly recommend Adam. He has a wealth of knowledge that he freely and graciously shares for both the purpose of expanding others knowledge and abilities and on a healing level, to bring extraordinarily quick and accurate results. If you are reading this then you need to contact Adam. It’s a sign 😉 He is exactly what you need to navigate whatever lies ahead for you, even if you have no idea what that is. Adam is a compassionate, professional, kind and highly intuitive healer that will ensure you are comfortable and informed every step of the way. Adam, I can’t thank you enough for your insight and wisdom. I’m excited to see what the future holds.



I recently completed a 6-week course with Adam after being referred to him by a friend.
Taleasium has been a life-changing experience for me, allowing me to gain clarity, purpose, and, ultimately, a completely new perspective. I already felt more aligned after the first session, and with the help of subsequent sessions using the tools Adam recommended, life began to feel more like a flowing motion rather than constantly feeling like I was struggling and going against the grain. I couldn’t recommend Adam more highly to anyone dealing with anxiety, depression, or a loss of identity/purpose. I feel like I’ve found myself again thanks to Adam in such a short period of time!



Adam was recommended to me by a friend whom I could see had benefitted from sessions with him.
Even after the first session I felt an enormous difference in my mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical well-being.
Adam is a person to immediately feel comfortable around, he’s very calm and compassionate and willing to share his knowledge and profound wisdom – some of which seems simple once you’re able to change your perspective!
I have a neurological health condition which I feel will benefit from the tools he has shared.
A wonderful service which I would definitely recommend!!!

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