Taleasium is an ancient name for a space where people came to heal and share knowledge, and it is this approach that drives us.

Our ever evolving knowledge about the energetic systems that keep our physical bodies healthy is central to everything we do.

One of our major goals is to develop everyone’s awareness of the energetic body and the influence it has on our intuition and healing our physical body.  If we can educate our clients to look after their energy to stay healthy and thrive, we will have fulfilled our purpose.

We are also keen to connect with medical practitioners, coaches and other health care professionals who are keen to incorporate an integrative approach to their patients care.


Energetic Body

2d illustration Human Male Muscle Body

Our energetic body is made up of 6 to 7 energetic beings. Our Souls (2) our energetic self, our higher self (Guardian no1) and we have 2-3 other guardian that connect to our energy centres. Their energy affects ours and in turn affects our physical and mental wellbeing. Our body is the ‘so called’ physical component, yet it is actually completely made up of energy, in the form of atoms and molecules held together by life force. 

We heal the energetic body from low vibrating energies, trauma, unhelpful emotions and to raise our vibration to keep our physical body healthy and allow us to life life to the full.  This is why we treat the energy first and then move to guidance of the physical after.

If you have any major challenges, look at incorporating energetic healing into your healing and development journey. There is no harm, only benefits. 


The Team

Adam specialises in Intuitive Healing, Intuitive Development, Mental and Physical Wellbeing. Find out more about Adam Dave specialises in Intuitive Healing and Stress Management. Find out more about Dave

People Say

Adam is incredible. He has helped me significantly in my journey to be the best version of me. He has helped my mind, achy body & soul to feel so much better than ever before. I also took my 7yr old to see him to see if he could help with some behaviour problems & bad dreams that were happening like clockwork every night. The bad dreams stopped immediately & I have a much happier wee guy who is a lot more self aware & a lot less defiant! WINNING!

My session with Adam was very interesting i love the work he does! I was surprised by how much I could resonate with everything and what this session gave me. Adam was able to answer any question that I had, would recommend this therapy.