What is Energetic Healing?

Energetic healing is based on the concept that the human body is made up of four unique body’s; our Soul, our Energetic Self our Physical Body and our Higher self.

The foundation of all our healing is anchored in the knowledge that if the Soul, Energetic self) and Higher self are damaged or out of balance, over time this has a direct impact on the physical body, manifesting itself in many different chronic illnesses.

The key to human health and wellbeing is to make sure the body consumes everything in moderation and nothing in excess.  When we do this in areas such as diet, exercise, family time, work time, and our own time we are doing everything physically and mentally to stay in shape.  This alone does not stop us from suffering from chronic illness, there is another aspect that Western medicine is yet to understand that is important to our overall wellbeing and that is looking after our energetic needs.

There are four types of trauma our energetic systems can suffer from: emotional, physical, environmental and psychic.  All of which reduce their energy flow and lower their vibration levels.  It is the low vibration that sits on them that, in time, negatively impacts the physical body.  This is where energetic healing comes into its own, by removing the trauma on our energetic body and emotional body we allow the physical body’s immune system to repair the body unimpeded, healing many different types of chronic illness.

The soul, energetic self and higher self are measured in hertz (hz), an optimal condition soul should sit between 30,000hz and 100,000hz, the energetic self and higher self should be sitting above 60,000hz but can be as high has 100,000hz.  If any of them are emotionally vibrating at less than 200hz they are actively damaging the physical body and mental wellbeing.  People with vibration readings less than 200hz are extremely common, especially those that are suffering from illnesses like anxiety, depression, cancer, heart and circulatory problems to name but a few. Above 200hz is no longer weakening the body however a balanced emotional state is 600hz or higher. Find out more about our vibration scales here.

If western medicine don’t understand these energies and don’t have medicines or machines to heal them, how do we at Taleasium do it? This is where our intuitive nature and the belief that, as energetic beings ourselves, we are guided by other energetic beings. We believe that everyone has their own set of energetic beings (depending on your faith, you may also know them as angels, ancestors, guardians, to name but a few) that help to guide them throughout their life. We also have teams of energetic physicians (work specifically with the energetic needs of the body), energetic surgeons (work to heal the physical body) and elementals (beings connected to the four elements of our world; earth, water, wind and fire) that help maintain energy flow and also help to heal the physical body.

It is one or two key energetic beings that guide us and help us assess our clients vibration levels, both emotional and conditional (the later gives us the physical state of an energy centre, body system for example the lymphatic system and organs). They also indicate whether the energy centres are open and flowing or blocked. If they are blocked they indicate which organ and emotion is blocking the centre(s).

In future articles we will talk more about the function of the soul, energetic self and higher self and how it interacts with the different systems and organs within our body.

If you are suffering from any type of chronic illness healing the energy in and around the body should be seriously considered to give the body its best chance at healing itself alongside normal medication.