Here at Taleasium we believe our vibration levels tells us much about the health of our clients.  There are three common vibration scales that we use; the first is the Inner Energy System, commonly known as our Soul’s physical vibration; the second is our Emotional Vibration (our brains emotional state) and the third is the Peripheral Energy System commonly referred to as our Higher Self’s physical vibration.  In more complicated illnesses we may also need to measure emotional vibration stuck on the Soul and the Higher Self (yes that is a thing too!).

Our emotions have a huge part to play in our overall health and our mindset.  In line with Dr David Hawkins research and his book Power versus Force we look at emotions in two ways, they are either helpful or unhelpful.  To us there are no negative emotions, why, because we believe as Dr David Hawkins discovered that emotions sit at varying levels or frequency none of which drop below zero.

In the emotional scale chart in this article you will see a range of emotions, this scale has been was first created by Dr David Hawkins (you can find out more about his map of consciousness here) and has been widely recognised by physicians and psychologists around the world.  We use this scale for measuring the emotion of our physical self.

Any vibration sitting below 200hz on the emotional scale is actively damaging our physical being, over time if those emotions are not removed, they will often manifest in the form of a chronic illness.  Emotional vibrations above 200hz help the body heal and recover and above 600hz will allow the body to stay in optimal health.  The chart in this article demonstrates the different types of emotions and at what level they sit.   What we have also found is that certain low vibrating emotions will sit in certain organs within our body and again, over time, may impede the ability of those organs to operate at maximum efficiency (more about that in a later article).

This is what we use to measure the Higher Self

As I said earlier it is not just our emotional vibration that impacts our health, it is also the physical vibration of our Soul and Higher Self, this is crucial to understand, there are plenty of ways through medicine and counselling to help us deal with our emotions but there is nothing in Western medicine that helps heal the Soul or Higher Self, indeed most of the world is still completely unaware of the fact that we have a these energetic systems at all.

Our Soul should sit between 30,000 & 100,000hz if it is completely healthy and pure, our Higher Self does not really have an upper limit but it should be able to sit comfortably between 60,000 & 100,000hz and when both these are vibrating at a high level, their energy is actively keeping our physical body healthy.  If a Soul drops below 5,000hz and a Higher Self drops below 1,000hz their energy will be actively working against our physical bodies and could manifest itself in some form of chronic illness over time.

It is therefore crucial to a person’s health that they maintain the energetic health of both their energetic systems.  In later articles we will be discussing how we can do that.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out what level your vibrations are sitting at, reach out to one of us here at Taleasium and we can get that information to you.