Dave Sewell

Dave specialises in Stress Management and Cardio Vascular conditions

Coming from a family of alcohol and violence and being the victim of bullying during his early schooling and early career, Dave was always sensitive to the “vibe in the room and the vibe of other people”.  This sense of differentiating between a pleasant and potentially hostile person or environment was sharp but he noticed everyone has that ability to pick these things up, but what was it exactly that we were noticing?

It was his curiosity here that led him to find out more about vibration (bad vibe, means bad vibration, we all use the term without understanding what we are saying!) and what he calls the vibrational gap between people when they don’t communicate well.

What causes this vibrational gap between people?  When someone is vibrating low, how can they increase this? what are the implications of low vibration to our state of mind and our physical health?

Researching Stress

The first part of Dave’s journey to being an energetic healer specialising in cardio-vascular conditions was his research around stress and the body’s ability to respond to it.  This research led Dave to discovering that one hormone in the brain can bring people together in teams, but that very same hormone would drive people away from each other.  The only difference was how safe someone felt in a particular environment or team.  If they didn’t feel safe, they did whatever they could to make themselves feel safe or get out of the environment even if that mean they started working against people in their team.

It was the level of stress that someone was under that ultimately caused this phenomenon.  The key to any team performing well had to be their ability to identify and remove the stressors impacting the team.  It was teaching this approach that Dave noticed when someone was under threat they literally closed down, their body language closed off, they stopped talking, their head went down and they literally made themselves smaller.  It was in this state that Dave also noticed their vibration levels dropped significantly.  That was where the path to figure out vibration levels and then energy started and on that path truly amazing things have been discovered.

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Energetic Healing

Dave met Adam in his capacity as a business coach, it was a chance conversation during the coaching they realised they were both interested in the subject of energy and its impact on health on the body.  Combining Dave’s research with Adam’s NLP training and practice they both embarked on a journey to understand the body at a much deeper level.

It was then that they both discovered the Central Energy System and the Peripheral Energy System and dicovered the importance of both those systems needing to be in complete balance and working properly to aid the physical body in staying healthy and avoiding all types of chronic illness.

That dicovery and contuined research brings both Dave and Adam to where they are today, creating Taleasium to help as many people as possible understand and maintain their own energetic systems.

Healing The Cardio-Vascular System

In the general energy healing work that Dave does mixed with his work in the field of Safe Leadership and managing stress in business, many of the clients that are presenting to him have a wide range of cardio vascular problems.  It is his deep understanding of the body’s stress response and its impact over time on the body that is establishing him as the goto person in this field.

Dave’s approach to cardio-vascular issues is two fold; firstly we know that chronic stress is a leading cause of heart failure, strokes and circulatroy problems along side life style choices like poor diet, not enough sleep and lack of exercise.  Dave guides his clients on a journey to discover where their stressors are, what ‘triggers’ them to go into a stress response and gives them tools to stop or minimise the triggers and the severity of the response to them.  Secondly, alongside dealing with the environment around his clients, healing their energetic systems and the removal of any traumas and low vibration sitting on those systems is what allows his clients to heal their cardio vascular system, improve their blood flow, stablise their blood pressure and regulate the electral current in the heart itself.

All this work is done alongside the clients medical practitioners and is always complimetnary to their treatment plans.

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