Just like our body needs air to breath, water to hydrate us and food to fuel our muscles and repair our body, our body also needs to have an open flow of energy (high vibrating) to sustain the body.  When our energy flows it optimises the body’s ability to function properly and heal itself.

How do we increase the flow of our body’s energy?  We look after our seven energy centres, these are not new, as you can see from the diagram, they are located up the middle of the body through to the crown.  These energy centres are vital to our health and allow us to understand where there is something going wrong and makes it easier for us to pinpoint where and what to heal.

All of our major organs are connected with these energy centres and when these centres are blocked we know there is either a problem with an organ attached to that centre and/or there is an emotion stuck in that energy centre that needs released before it can do more damage.  Remember stuck, unhelpful emotions vibrate at a level too low to aid the physical body.

These energy centres connect us to everything else in the world on an energetic / vibration level.  Our energy centres send and receive energy to everyone and everything around us continually, this is why they need to be open and flowing well.  Problems start when the energy centres get blocked and close off, that leads to a person feeling disconnected from the environment they are in or the people around them.  This can make it difficult for that person to communicate with others or feel settled in their environment.  We will be talking about his in much more depth in future articles.

There are two types of energy that we draw upon to keep ourselves healthy; Elemental Energy which emanates from our wonderful planet and Natural Energy (often referred to as “Light”) that originates from our Universe.  The balance of these two energies are required to bring us and keep us in a place of optimal health.

So, what do we need to do to keep our energy centres flowing and unblocked and filled with these two energies?  We perform a daily energy maintenance meditation that will take all of about 5 minutes which clears all 7 energy centres, cleanses and heals our soul, cleanses and heals our energetic self and higher self .  It also heals and balances our own physical body and magnetic field that we emit around us (again more about this in a future articles) and goes like this…

Allow time (around 5-10 seconds) for each step.

Get yourself into a calm space and take 6 deep breathes.

Say the following steps:

  1. “I ask to please bring my energetic body back to balance”.
  2. “I now ask to please bring my energetic and meridian systems back to balance”.
  3. “I now ask to please bring my energetic body and energetic systems back into unison”.
  4. “Thank you”.

Now you can enter a Meditation if you want too.

What are you waiting for, no time like the present to find a quite spot and perform your first energetic maintenance meditation, your body will love you for it 😊