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Welcome to Intuitive Healer – Level 4, in this course we build on your ability to heal physically and energetically by looking at the elements of Personal Development.  These elements are factors that can also be addressed that impede the body’s ability to heal (e.g. negative self talk, constantly producing unhelpful emotions, eating foods that energetically are not right, to name but a few).  As a healer in any discipline, these elements are extremely helpful in getting your patient back to a great place.

On the last class in this programme there are quite a number of handouts for you to download and save, these explain many of the elements and also provide tools for you to use during your healing sessions.

In this course we also take you through our own healing process to give you an idea of which elements to heal first, what to look out for in the early sessions with your patients and explain the logical order of intuitive healing.