Connecting to your higher self using a pendulum

Our higher self is the energetic being that has been tasked to watch over our physical experience and help us achieve our pathways. You could class it as our main guide.

When we set intents for goals our higher self is energetic trying to line these up on top of taking steps ourselves to help this happen. Ever experienced those random coincidences, or had things show up perfectly just as you need them? Your higher self has been involved in making this happen.

It’s important to be clear about what you want and set intentions with your higher self so it can help you achieve these requests, but only if it lines up with your pathway and is for the good of all, not just coming from the ego.

Connecting to your higher self can help advance your intuition and it is also aware of your thoughts, so you do not need to communicate via voice. A pendulum is a great way to communicate and get guidance around your feelings, intuition, pathways, and so on.

How to start:

          What we want to see straight away or with practice is a clear yes and clear no. ‘Yes’ is a clockwise circle and a ‘No’ is a back and forward or side to side.

          Ask your higher self to communicate a ‘Yes’ on your pendulum in a clockwise circle.

          Then ask your higher self to communicate a ‘No’ on your pendulum in a clockwise circle.

Note this can take practice and some added assistance may be needed from your mentor. Sometimes you may need a different pendulum that resonates with your energy better and other times you need to let go of control and allow the energy just to flow through you. Do not be worried if your arm or hand moves a little that is all part of it. If you tend to be more of an analytical person try closing your eyes and just play.

Optional extras:

          After this set is mastered you can try to get your higher self to show you a ‘Maybe’, this can be a smaller circle or an oval, etc. No right answer here, see what your higher self gives you.

          You can also figure out a ‘Don’t Know, this could be an anticlockwise circle.

Important guidelines and tips:

          You can get your higher self to present a name to call it. Ask and then allow, a name may just pop into your head or a sound. Then ask yes and no questions to see if correct or if close and workout from there.

          Always ask your higher self if you have permission to ask questions. Sometimes the higher self will make up answers if you are asking questions you should not.

          Avoid getting caught up in abstract concepts as there are many rabbit holes out there that eventually end in disappointment. We would advise only asking questions relative to your present moment feelings, intuition, and pathways. The future is uncertain and constantly changing so questions down this line are often very dependent on many factors.

          You can count using yes and no answers or get percentages. ‘Do I have more than one career pathway ahead …… more than two …… more than three ……’. 

For further assistance, check out our online and in-person intuitive support groups!