Whenever someone gets the unfortunate diagnosis of Cancer, it is a life changing moment. A lot of emotions come up and that is ok.

What we would like you to sit and consider, is what your body is telling you? Maybe its screaming out for healing and has been for a while. During the lead up to your diagnosis, was there milder symptoms? Have you been struggling with weight, addictive behaviours, anxiety, depression, gut issues, fatigue, sleeping problems? The list can go on…….

There is a mentality out there of the term “fuck cancer”. This is a battle hardy and aggressive way of looking at it, often leading to aggressive treatments which can further decline your overall health. Perhaps a higher vibrational way of responding – acceptance and love which could sound like ‘I hear you body, I’m sorry, lets focus on healing’.

We know that the health of the body can be a result of many factors, some in your control, some not, however you always have the choice in any given moment to go the extra mile to look after your body. You could explore new ways of healing in mental, nutrition, gentle exercise, energetic, spiritual areas.

Here at Taleasium every client we have seen with Cancer and any other physical or mental condition are in poor energetic condition. Remember everything in life is energy at its core!

We help you heal energetically, dealing with the underlying causes which are fueling the Cancer and help you to restore your health.

Remember to listen to your body when it is asking for help and healing!