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Connecting to your higher self using a pendulum

Connecting to your higher self using a pendulum Our higher self is the energetic being that has been tasked to watch over our physical experience and help us achieve our pathways. You could class it as our main guide. When we set intents for goals our higher self is...

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Mindful Body Scan

Mindful body scan  Listening to your body and intuition   You can think of a body scan as a mental X-ray that slowly travels across your body. This is a great check-in with your body to notice what it is telling you that needs attention. It might be helpful if...

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Cancer Must be Healed not Battled

Whenever someone gets the unfortunate diagnosis of Cancer, it is a life changing moment. A lot of emotions come up and that is ok. What we would like you to sit and consider, is what your body is telling you? Maybe its screaming out for healing and has been for a...

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The Power of Breathing

Here at Taleasium we understand the importance of keeping the body's energy flowing freely to maintain the body in optimal health but what we haven't talked much about is the power behind our breathing. Our body has a number of different breathing rhythms depending on...

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The Lymphatic System

Here at Taleasium we have an order to the healing that we do. We believe that for the body to be able to heal itself and stay healthy, we first must get the energy within it to flow freely and for that to happen a combination of unblocking systems, removing low...

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Daily Energy Maintenance

Just like our body needs air to breath, water to hydrate us and food to fuel our muscles and repair our body, our body also needs to have an open flow of energy (high vibrating) to sustain the body.  When our energy flows it optimises the body’s ability to...

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The Vibration Scales

Here at Taleasium we believe our vibration levels tells us much about the health of our clients.  There are three common vibration scales that we use; the first is the Inner Energy System, commonly known as our Soul's physical vibration; the second is our Emotional...

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What is Energetic Healing?

What is Energetic Healing? Energetic healing is based on the concept that the human body is made up of four unique body’s; our Soul, our Energetic Self our Physical Body and our Higher self. The foundation of all our healing is anchored in the knowledge that if the...

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