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Adam Curtis

Adam has been working on self-development and studying for several years, after he suffered a neck injury creating constant chronic pain.  This forced him out of his career as a tradesman fixing residential properties and automotive vehicles.

This further elevated his underlying depression and anxiety.  From here he went on a healing journey, as it had become more than he could cope with.  Initially he went on personal development programmes, then followed by studying a Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Semantics (NS).  Followed by Reiki, personal training, and psychic development.  All of these gave him valuable skills on how to help heal himself and others.  But there was still something missing.  For those of you who don’t know him, he is not satisfied until he finds the solution to whatever problem is presented.  This is where the real healing journey started.


During Adam’s healing journey he became a big fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books and audios.  Mentioned in a talk was Dr. David Hawkins’ work on Kinesiology in the book ‘Power vs Force’.

This fascinated Adam, that you could read the emotional levels of people’s minds using energy and that people’s bodies would go slightly weak when the answer was a ‘no’ or something was low vibrational for that person.  Adam soon realized this was a very under-utilized ability.  Cross-referencing his NLP, he could also use a pendulum to get the same answers and could test far more than just emotions. Using this became a fundamental practice, as he stepped into healing people and could narrow down very quickly where people’s problems were coming from.

Adam can get a very good idea of where someone is at, by reading their vibrations.  One of Adam’s favourite saying is ‘Energy never lies’.

Check out Dr. David Hawkins’s work below:

Intuitive Healing

Adam met Dave when he hired Dave as his business coach.  It was a chance conversation during the coaching they realized they were both interested in the subject of energy and it’s impact on the health of the body.  Combining Dave’s research with Adam’s NLP training and practice they both embarked on a journey to understand the body at a much deeper level.

It was then that they both discovered the energetic body and  the importance of this needing to be in complete balance;  working properly to aid the physical body in staying healthy and avoiding all types of chronic illness.

That discovery and continued research brought both Dave and Adam to where they are today, creating Taleasium, to help as many people as possible understand and maintain their own energetic bodies.

Healing Physical and Mental Conditions

We know from the statistics that these conditions are common and can really disturb people’s lives.

From our training and experience in the health and wellness industry, that the physical body often degrades when the mind does.  This also works in reverse.  The biggest issue we see is it’s often viewed that the condition is the problem and not how the condition  begun.

Physical conditions are often attributed to low vibrational energy from either:  inherited, environmental, physical, or emotional traumas. These all leave energetic signatures, whether it has been processed mentally or not.  These traumas can sit on the body which then needs to be energetically balanced.  Your energetic body needs to be brought back to it’s optimum condition, and any suppressed emotions need to be released to increase the chance of healing from the trauma long term.

Mental health conditions are similar in that they are usually a symptom of low energy, and a build up of suppressed emotions.  They can often be caused by trauma, but not always; Adam has seen many clients with mental health challenges that have not experienced any hard trauma in their lives.  When our energetic body and energy field is down it’s easy to get overwhelmed by our environment and over time that causes damage.

We understand from our training and experience that in these conditions it is important to work alongside client’s medical practitioners, because the person’s life can be at risk and our treatment is always complimentary to their existing plans to help them heal.

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